Friday, June 08, 2007

Orkut Google Map mashups..err messups

Hey have you seen the new Orkut-google maps mashups? It basically pulls out your friends
list and shows their locations on the google earth map. Neat.
Except, seems like the orkut team has got its geography terribly wrong.
Check out the screenshot below. My friend who very much is in India is shown as being in Canada. (?) Also none of the other friends in India are shown. I do suspect my friend(trupti) wouldn't have any issues about this:-) She likes Canada.

Although i think it is still in its early stages-don't see it for all friends, i would have thought a company as big and as smart as Google would have ironed out these before going live. No? Well i am in no capacity to beat their quality analysts..but hey i am the end user, the customer...and as the saying goes, the customer is always right :-)


Vik said...

Oh mayte, call that a coincidence or an audacious intent to write about the same. I have also written about googlo mania .. :) nice mayte...

Vik said...

Yea come to think about it, I don't what to believe and what not to. Coz i read that article and was not very sure if I read that right in the morning [;)] but i still feel i did a good job with the swat analysis.. lol..

I like that collage kinda thing man.. That imagini thingy.. ehheh