Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello world

Wow. Been quite a while isn't it? . Not that my POWERSHOT is keeping me away from KarthInc, Actually a mix of busy weekends and general tendency for slackness!

So what the heck was keeping this lazy guy "busy" you might ask.

It all began with the Twenty20 world cup. I ended up spending late nights, evenings, mornings and weekends finding and watching live streams of the match. So if i wasnt watching cricket, i was sleeping :-(  But all in all, was good entertainment after a disastrous ODI world cup. On that topic, it was pretty sad to see the non-cricket fraternity sulk when the netas started showering moolah to the cricketers. Well the point is, In India other than cricket no other game sells. No point going on hunger strikes!

I also had a chance to go on a unforgettable and pulse racing rafting and canyoning trip in Minakami. Its a beautiful place about 2 hrs from Tokyo and was it fun or what! I have never done rafting or canyoning ever before and the weekend spent there was worth every penny(Or should i say yen?). Rafting was at least something i have seen on the "WORLD OF SPORTS " program on DD decades back, but Canyoning was a complete mystery. When we got there, we figured out Canyoning the hard way. Just walk up to the top of the mountains, and come all the way down sliding down on the waterfalls. Some of them as much as a 30 degree slope! Easy right? NO.!!! But all in all it was one heck of a trip!


After that fun and wet trip, the next weekend we made our way to the "Ryogoku Kokugikan" to watch the Annual Sumo Championships in Tokyo. Well,In contrast to the previous trip this was boredom at its best! We went to the stadium early morning and to our surprise found the stadiums near empty! Eh! Wasn;t it supposed to be one of the premier sporting event here? Whats going on! A quick glance on the schedule for the day answered our query. It turns out that on a typical tournament day all the preliminary junior division matches happens on the first half and the big guys come out to the ring only late afternoon. But when they did turn out it turned out quite exciting. Especially the ring entering ceremony and frustrated fans throwing cushions on the big boys. Now compared to we throwing bottles and rotten apples on our cricketers, this shows the politeness of the Japanese!! Check out our excitement levels though, most of the first half was spent on catching 40 winks!
Meanwhile i also had a Japanese test, which i failed! Doh! Well i am not to blame if the passing marks were as high as 80% Anyways my sensei was kind enough to let me take a retest with an added bonus-The question paper remains the same:-)

I also had a chance to witness the display of Indian Music at its best. A brilliant Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi performances followed by a melodious Flute and tabla composition. The best part was this was performed not by Indians but by Japanese! Awesome. Actually,One of the Bharatnatyam dancer was my friend's wife and we went there to give our vocal support as well.

Apart from these, I also went down to Harajuku and Ebisu. Harajuku is famous for some of the best modern Japanese fashion. Right from the weird hairstyle to the clothes, its one colorful place! Ebisu on the other hand is a small quiet town famous for its Beer Musuem and also has a Beer named after it!

I guess thats enough rambling and after all those words, i will let the pics speak the rest of the words!