Saturday, August 11, 2007

Culture relativity

When you are living in a foreign Country, your mind is always in a "Relativity" mode-meaning you are always comparing the culture, the people, the food, the social life etc.

Basically comparing anything and everything.

The "standards" that we set are from what we have seen back home. Yesterday while returning back from work, i witnessed a small incident which made yet another dent to those "standards".
On my rather longish walk back home, there is this narrow stretch of road which is a one-way only for vehicles excluding cycles. Usually unlike India, drivers here are more law abiding.
But yesterday i saw a car approaching from the wrong side. He probably did not notice the one-way sign.

But thats not the point. What happened next completely flummoxed me!

All of a sudden a cyclist dude coming in the opposite direction, stopped mid road facing the car speeding from the opposite direction.The car braked hard and screeched to a stop, literally centimeters away from the cyclist.

Now i thought this cyclist dude has had it. My mind started churning out pictures of a street fight and volleys of curses. I was ready to shoot the scene for a icaught moment.

But hang on, this is not the streets of Bangalore or hyderabad or Delhi.

The cyclist dude in a very polite manner informed the guy in the car that this is a one way and he is driving in the wrong direction. The driver apologized profusely and thanked the cyclist and turned the car back.

eh! Thats it? No "tera baap ka road hain kya"(Is this your father's road?) or "tu saale, kya commisioner hain kya" (are you the commisioner here?) dialogues??

But Having seen hundreds of duels on the roads of Bangalore just coz people don't want to let go of their ego, this small incident was a welcome change. And sure did make a deep dent to my "standards".

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The bubble that went bust

Tech workers, dont panic after seeing the title. If you already have, then well..i can't help it!

The results of the much coveted, much awaited, much whatever, Olympiadistic(woah i just invented a new word!) Jammy's "Speech bubble Contest" has come to a rather disappointing end

As you can see, Karth has managed to finish a distant 4th.

Now seems like i have a mysterious admirer among the crowd, coz i remember voting 12 times and it turns out i have 13 votes..hmmm kaun hai woh chupa rustum?

Since i am such a bad loser and to uphold true losing spirit i will go on and list why i did'nt win.

1. Too lazy to keep voting through the day. (Serves me right!)
2. My comment was not fully visible :(
3. PRG had way too much time to keep on voting.
4. After campaigning for 48 hrs, i figured out that none of my friends had internet.
5. Since i have Rs.501 in my bank balance, Rs.500 is a meagre amount for all the effort.
6. And so on....
7. And so forth.
8. Thats all.

Now can't wait for the next olympiadistic event from Ouchmytoe :)