Thursday, March 01, 2007

Customer care ain't fun:-)


Check out this video on Youtube customer care...well..Let me tell you, you can work for the best companies in the world, but if you are in customer care..Man you had it!!
Customers are always right..and they always complain:-))

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Journey....

You know, i am amazed when i see the Japanese railway system. A train arriving at 8.49 will come at 8.49 not 8.48 not 8.50. I am also awestruck when i think about what might have gone in scheduling, planning and executing this amazing system.

But hey, wait a minute! Our Indian railways is supposed to be the biggest network in the world right? But if you wonder why isnt it on par with the japanese or the english rail system-
This eye-opening documentary from NGC brings out the realism in our railway system

Some notable points from this documentary
- Each train is designed to carry 1700 passengers, but swells to 7000!! WOW!!
- You dont have to wait till the train stops to get in or get out. If you do, you are a loser!
-About 2000 people are killed in a year in Bombay attempting to get in and get out of the trains!!

End of the day, i dont care if the train is late, crowded or dirty, i only hope there is no repeat of a samjhauta express blast or the 7/11 blasts.......