Friday, November 03, 2006

Loose Control!

Just when i was on a "auto-pilot' cruise mode, certain developments have ensured that i stop slacking and get back to business.
Interesting things have happened in the last few days...
Bangalore is out and BENGALOORU is in---I dont think it is a great idea to rechristen it, more than the name Bangalore is a brand and changing the brand name is akin to destroying all the hard work that went into building brand bangalore.
One thing the change of name shows is our way of going back in time instead of going forward. The city is deteriorating day by day and all it takes for the entire city to come to a standstill is a single drop of rain! So out goes bangalore the city dressed up like a village and in comes bengalooru the village trying to transform to a city.
One other exciting stuff and the one that is keeping me away from Blog is my travel to Sydney!!
Co-incidentally the English cricket team will also be travelling over for the ashes and i have a feeling its going to be one hell of a season!!