Saturday, August 25, 2007

Freeze time!

I am now a proud owner of the Canon Powershot S5 IS!!!

Its going to be fun learning and using this amazing piece of machinery.
I have been researching on DSLRs and Digital cams for over a month now. I am still pretty much a newbie when it comes to photography and i suppose this cam will help me learn and graduate to the DSLR level rather easily.
The good thing about this cam is it allows me to experiment with the manual controls and there is also a flexibility of adding other lenses.
Check out some amazing pics this can take, of course by some highly talented people:)

I am excited and its time to freeze time!

On a totally different and sad note, i just saw the news about the hyderabad blasts. My heart goes out to all the victims out there and i sincerely hope and pray that the fatalities don't increase anymore.
When is this all going to end..........