Monday, June 19, 2006

Okonomi Yaki!

Okonomi Yaki!
This sure is an interesting place! I havent tried a lot of japanese restaurents, but among the restuarents i have been, this one sure rocks!

Wiki says "Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き?) is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter cake with various ingredients".

The Uniqueness of this place is, they dont serve you hot food here, you got to cook it for yourself! Yeah thats right..every table has a stove and huge pan.We get the vegetables,shrimps, meat and chizu(Cheese!) all raw..and then well what are you waiting for..get cooking!

Apart from the stove , the table had a few other interesting useful stuffs, like oil, Pepper, salt,typical japanese soya sauce, but by far the coolest thing was a small Hour glass! yeah each turn is for 3 minutes...why 3 mins? Coz thats the time it takes for the okonomi yaki to fry nicely!
You can never complain about the food coz cooked it!!

Wondering if this kind of concept will work in India,because back home we go out to break the monotonous routine of cooking..the last thing you would want to do is cook your food at the restaurent too!

Another interesting thing..i asked my Sensei(Japanese teacher) whether she cooks at home..prompt came the reply "eh...I dont have a kitchen"!! That sure was a hard thing to digest!

More information of okanomiyaki here reminds of DOSA...Ssslurp!