Saturday, March 10, 2007

Learn Hiragana while you travel!

Japan Newbie's(Don't let the name full you!) blog project on learning japanese through Ads is one hell of an idea! I love reading billboards, Ads and posters while i travel and what better way of brushing up your Japanese when you are travelling!

The other day, i had my Hiragana test and thanks to my office schedule and my own laziness to open the book and read :-), i was pretty sure i wasn't gonna do well. But,while i was travelling, with each passing station my Hiragana was improving and by the time i reached my class, i was very sure i will not screw up the test.

So how did it happen you ask? Simple, Keep your eyes open for the station name signboards!

Like the one below for Musashi-koyama. Longer the station name, even better!

Perfection tip: In some stations, the previous station name and the next station name will also be in Hiragana(not the above one), So try and read up all three Hiragana names before the train passes that station!

It can be fun :-)

Happy Hiragana Learning!!