Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Convert your PC game to a PS2(or PS3)!!

For all you hardcore gaming fans who are in dire need of a PS3 or even a PS2, but do not want to dig deep into your pockets, here is a tried and tested way of simulating the fun!
Minimum requirements:
A decent laptop with a s-video output
A S-video dongle-Either S-video to S-video, if your TV has a S-video port or a S-video to RCA cable.
A logitech dual action gamepad
A TV(HD TV?,even better!!)
and of course a PC game.

Now for the conversion...
Step 1: Take a deep breath..(yeah right!)
Step 2: Use your S-Video dongle to hook up your TV and Laptop.
Step 3: Connect the game pad to your laptop.
Step 4: Change your laptop display settings to either clone your laptop or dual view.(Right click desktop-->properties-->display settings-->advanced)
Step 5: Rev up your game and there you go! the display is on your TV and you can get going with your gamepad!!
Step 6: Get some beer and get your game going!

Easy isnt it? If you really want to enhance this setup..Get yourself a good sound sytem(preferably a creative sound blaster) and a gamepad with the shocker and rock on!

The best part-All this at 15% the cost of your PS2 and less than 5% the cost of your PS3!!

Let me know if you need any more info.