Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Orkuttin' can get you a job!

Orkut is BIG and is a fast catching trend out here in India(and i suppose in Brazil too). More and more users are signing in to orkut every day, to network,connect with lost links, dating and also building communities.
However one interesting set of people are viewing this avenue as a tool to recruit people in thier organization-the talent scourers and the recruiters.
Off late, i seem to be getting more and more "scraps" from such recruiting firms and also direct companies.
Interesting, apart from being a free and huge database of prospective employees, it also gives a good insight into the person's interests, likes, attitude and yeah, links to other prospective employees.
So if you are looking for a job and have an Orkut account, you might want to refine your "about me" section and refrain from having stuff like "Corporate whore at day..." , "Insanity is my girl friend..." :-)
Web 2.o is ON and i need to scrap!