Friday, March 23, 2007

ICC world cup SWOT analysis:India Vs Srilanka

Cricket is not a matter of life and death, its just a silly old game for christ's sake!!!

The Killing of Bob Woolmer does'nt say so.

Our own coach, Greg Chappel's motivation talk to the boys would be something along this line "Please win today guys..You ain't want me dead right? "

OK..Lets head straight to SWOT Analysis for THE big match.


Strength: Many! 2 perfect wins, a team with some great hitters in Jayasuriya and Sangakkara, awesome bowling options in Vaas and Murali and everyone brimming with belief.
You cant ask for more!

Weakness: Experience. This is pressure situation at its very best! Even though Srilanka are through to their next round, they would be at a great psychological advantage at the super 8 if they lose this. They have not been challenged in the World cup yet so this will set up the stage for them.

Threats: Indian batting will hit them hard. IF and i stress IF the Indian batters can recreate the magic of taunton or the Bermuda bash, Srilanka will be swept away.

Opportunities: Plenty! And i say this because, the Indian bowling has looked very meek this series and Kumble's record against Srilanka doesnt look great(Not sure if he will play though). Srilanka can easily steal 20+ runs if they target some old legs and weak hands. Murali's terrific record against the Indian top order can be handy too.


Strength: Batting, Batting and Batting. Anyone who knows remotely about cricket can vouch for that. A team fully loaded with batsmen who can on thier day can tear any bowling apart. Yes that includes Vaas and Murali.

Weaknesses: Top 3 would be Fielding, Bowling and Consistency! I was watching the SA vs Netherlands match the other day and the south African's fielding was in a different league altogether. Compare this to our team, well, we better be good enough to hit 20-30 more runs to factor this in. Also don't think our bowling has enough teeth to take 11 wickets unless the Srilankans think otherwise.

Threats: Jayasuriya's hitting at the top, Sangakarra and Jayawardene's stability in the middle, Vaas and Murali's tricks with the ball.

Opportunity: If India chases and chases well,there is no question our batters can see us through big totals. I am counting on a Indian chase!

Karth Inc predicts: All reasoning and logic says Srilanka have a definite edge...hey but so did we did have an upper hand against bangladeshis..So did pak against Ireland.
I so hate this cliche, can't help but say it...Cricket is a game of glorious heart says..Jeethega bhai Jeethega...Hindustan Jeethega!!

By the way, TOI has its own SWOT analysis for today's clash(can't find the link). Check it out in the epaper version

p.s Tommorow is a cracker of a match! Dress rehearsal of the finals perhaps?