Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Addiction to Change!

One of the manager I had worked with in my earlier project was going on
to become a CIO in a different country.

Today was his farewell day speech.

He moved from Singapore to Japan and after 10 years of working and managing large teams(Pretty successfully and mind you, he is not fluent in japanese!) in Japan, he will be moving to Dubai as the CIO.
Looking back at his career, he acknowledged that there has been tremendous growth but it has come at a cost. The cost is "change".

"I am Addicted to Change" was his way of putting it.

Makes perfect sense! If you are in your comfort zone for a long period of time, you reach a point where things stand still.

Moving out of the comfort zone and quickly adapting to change would be the key and addiction to this will guarantee you tremendous growth!



Vik said...

Wonderfully said and that is exactly what I am also following. Moved out of my zone when I was doing so well in the states now waiting to find a break and I am confident of doing well too. It is all about that intent to get out of ur zone is what i think makes you a greater personality. There is so many things more than the company we know, the work we do, the people we know, the language we speak.. so many more to it...

Vidya said...

I second your opinion and Vik's thoughts! It is so easy to settle, only because it is easy. But after a while, can we not sense ourselves getting rusty?


Karthik Krishnan said...

Yes..the feeling of rusty can occur sometimes too late. The trick is move out just when you finished peaking